Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Soliloquy of a Penniless Shopper.


I was totally messed up yesterday. With one undone job in my hand and other errands on the other hand it sends my nerves to a breaking state. My heart was crying unstoppably up to a stage where I have to completely turn off my brain signal and went blank.

I went home with a devastated weary soul, driving like a lifeless zombie being automated by controller. Unproductive teacher I must say, I have become. My strengths and wits are all torn apart by some autocracy kind of management navigating by a hungry monster craving for fame and endless supremacy.

But but but, it all gone when I received a lovely SMS from my beloved fiancé. Lalala…

It says;
“Hon, lets go get your dried passion alive again. Shopping, let say?”

A short, well comprehended message but it gives a huge impact on my weak lame spirit.

At 3.00 pm with the latest outfit that portrays my epitome of fashion, I was already well prepared waiting for my red-horse carriage come and pick me up plus a handsome and super charming prince inside it, makes my life wonderfully defined. :)

There he was and we sailed to our destiny of a prodigal road.

To feed my brain (err…actually to make it smarter than ever) we went to Popular Bookstore where I eventually browsing through loads and loads of new bukz and I was drooling and fancying over stuffs, I was like to have it all at once(sgt merepek…). After wasting (the exact word my fiancé said to me…) time for about near an hour looking for a good bukz to grab, I ended up holding this magical written piece by Beth Harbison, “Shoe Addicts Anonymous”. A big wow just after I finished reading its blurbs. A must-have kind of book. There goes my RM33.90.

Inilah dia...

Then straight away went to the shirts department, grabbed some Nicole’s shirt and racing to my next favorite stop Old Town Café.


After having a little romantic chat, we headed home and I personally, dwelling in a great satisfaction.
Thanks to my lifetime lover, the one and only Mr.hafizal for saving me from sinking into a deep frustration.
Love is so magical and I thanked you for being my guardian angel.
A sense of relieve.
My heart is full of love flowers.
So romantic I refused to let it off….

Happy at the very moment.

p/s: c i n t a yg sangat manis...

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