Monday, May 5, 2008


:) A very splendid weekend. 2 days back-to-back spent with my love one makes my world worth living. Again, we were back in Malacca, all blessed with joy and fascinating excitement.

Euphoria. The ultimate happiness.
Though I was a little bit tired cause of a long journey, but totally deep down inside I was extremely happy. He was so gentle and caring, patiently attended to all my fussiness and whiners. He was such an angel.
The best moment is when we cruised down the Malacca River at night, with the wind breezing tenderly touched my face, my head was resting on his shoulder (cehhh….) and he said those magical words… :)

/the fact that we were on vacation with his two naughty brothers and my cousin, but still the romantic~ness was blissfully filled./

No other word could describe my feeling~

p/s : ku katakan dgn indah…

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