Monday, June 16, 2008



My new job in school is ‘site observer’. I’m observing things. Observation becomes my new obsession.
My cubicle is just a perfect place for me to monitor all things that happen in teacher’s room.
I love doing my new job and I learned a lot.

~Human is so complicated.

My first hypothesis.

Sample: All teachers.
Sampling Method: Random selected
Time/Length: As long as it may necessary

There is one sample that catches my interest.
A female breed.
A rare species but typical one.
Her specialties are: Brag and nag~ pretending~ two-face~ ll miss-goody-two-shoes ll

She has this aura of pretentious so0o0o0o strong she almost sends my nerves to a lifelong paralyze. Owh, I just can’t stand looking at her face for a complete two seconds. I will puke. Literally puke. No play play.

She’s so plastic.
She thinks that man will easily fall for her, weeping and pleading to be her boyfriend. Well, my observation proved contrarily. When she needs someone to help her finish her job, she will go from one cubicle to another, whining ‘bout her endless workloads, saying how tired she was doing all those things, how pitiful she was, how cruel the world seemed to her, how she battling with time and fate just to finish her jobs, bla…bla…bla… and, at the end, peoples will definitely pity her and say the magic words… “Let me help you…”

I don’t understand why is she doing that, I mean, THAT??
Does she really feel that man will fall for her?
I would say NO. A strict NO. But, that was just my opinion; I am a woman (girl... I mean) and sometimes, my opinion is unusable.

I’m so sorry but she disgusts me.
In a true meaning of DISGUSTING.

p/s: idiotic. It’s really hard to understand.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

C A M P I N G no fun at all…

13th JUNE 2008-15th JUNE 2008

I’m so sorry but I have to say this.

I l0o0o0ovvveeeeee nature but I hate spending night at the jungle, secluded and far beyond technology.

I’m not born a rich girl but I’m having a princess-kind of life.

I’m super-hate bugs and flying insects.

I find it really hard to adapt life inside the jungle. No water flow from the running tap, no appropriate place to shower, no television. No everything.

I’m so much thankful to Allah that’s why I prefer live in my comfy home.

Three days of camping, I skipped two days and that ONE day was definitely a living hell for me.

I don’t bother to what others wanna say about me, the fact that they will bad mouthing ‘bout me, how fussy I am during that day is well pun it my conscious mind. I don’t care.
I’m just not fit with that.

There are so many ways we can show how grateful we are living on the earth and preserve the beauty of Mother Nature. There are many, tones of it, but please… F O R M E~ camping is just not one of it.


p/s : EARTH DAY~5th JUNE every year!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Talking To My Toes

Funny but engaging.
A 10 minutes conversation with my old buddy sent my laughing nerves to its breaking states.
I’m trying to recollect every vivid memory that we both shared.
She always has something to share, something to think about, something to mock, something to tease on.

But, this news that she just said to me, it’s two thumbs up!

An old friend of mine, she was (notice that I’m using a past tense form) a naïve+miss goody two shoes, and rumor has it that she’s preparing for her engagement. Well, congratulation my beloved dear… I should say…

“Phewww… finally…”
That’s not it, what shocked me to death was, she is planning to (read the details below with a stable state of mine) have...super…expensive…elegant… ROLEX…watch…as her ‘hantaran’!!!! I repeat… ROLEX.

The moment I heard this, I was like………………………………………………………………♣
Dead end—

ROLEX? Like the ROLEX as in ROLEX???

30second of numbness.

Is she out of her mind?
Like…yeahhh…we are the government slave are paid RM8ks a month~

My quick response was~ she’s trying to outdo somebody.

Guys, I may look typical but I’m not dumb.
A range price of ROLEX starts from as lower as RM24ks.

Like she has nothing to do with her money.
Like she was born rich, fed in a silver spoon.
Like she is super everything.
Like she was… CRAZY???

She’s trying to prove something… (if she’s not lying)
At last I got it…

She’s trying to send a message...(to someone...)

And as for me… I’m not rich… I’m wearing GUESS…


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


♣lalala... i can do whatever i wish wif my moneyyyy!!♣

Haters say I’m too concern ‘bout brand I’ve become arrogant…
They claim I’m super care ‘bout the look I’ve become spoilt…
They whining ‘bout my $$$, perhaps they care much…
They fussing ‘bout me spending my cash, like I’m spending theirs…
To hell with them…

I can do whatever I want with my $$$...


Confession Of A Shopaholic

(to my haters :) )

The first thing that I want you guys to know is I’M NOT RICH.
I earn it, but I’m not inheriting it.

Yes, I love to spend too much and sometimes I overspent.
Yes, I love shopping.
Yes, I love branded stuff.
Yes, I’m crazy ‘bout designers stuffs.
Yes, I’m a shopaholic.
I can’t control the urge and tendency of spending money.
Yes, I love fashion.
Yes, I love beauty.
Yes. Indeed.

It’s not that money just falling from the sky and drop right onto my nose.
As I said before, I earn it.
1) Obvious reason~ I’m working (and the pay is one thumb up!)
2) My fiancé~ err… this might be a little too harsh. I see nice things, I ask him to buy it for me. Sometimes it works real fast, sometimes… it works but I have to put a little bit effort on that.
3) My saving ~ repetition of #1.
4) My fiancé’s saving~ repetition of #2.

I don’t care if you say I’m a gold digger, which obviously I’m not because gold digger digs gold, in the other hand I’m asking for stuffs and plus bonus point, he is my future husband which technically his money is mine too. Ahah…

Nahhh… I don’t give a damn ‘bout that.
I love being ME.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

SAYA situ sana sini...

i'm to0 bored...

my new obsession, takin' my own pic from any angle that can reflect... lalala...

( bored to death!!)


I grabbed this perfume yesterday during my shopping spree with Oat.
Seriously, I’ve never took a second glance over this brand before. But yesterday, it was like a magnetic power that allured me to stop at this perfume booth @ Pacific mall, Batu Pahat.

The packaging of this perfume is s0o0o0o unique and once the assistant of
the booth sprayed the perfume to me, the scent was superbly gorgeous!!

It smells lust!

Well, the price is not bad too.
A real deal.

Only for RM196, I think this one is worth to have.

Can’t wait to wear it tomorrow.

I wanna meet my sugarplum honey bunny!! :)
p/s: miss him so0o0o much!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bunga to What SHE feels...

I am an average girl with little gift or should I say—none. I’m not pretty, mediocre-brain kind of person, I don’t contributed much to the world but I have taken too many. I’m clumsy, grumpy and extremely fussy. I’m a self-centered hypocritical person, I care less to others and I can’t stand patience.

Most of the times, I blamed the world for my weaknesses and for other’s advantages. I hate realizing how unfair the world seems to be. I hate seeing peoples craving sins and doing mistakes but still they lavishly ended up getting rich and smart and all the good luck charms have fell from the sky right onto their face.

I talk rubbish.

No one can understand me.

And that, my ultimate gift… J

I’m unpredictable.

p/s: Keeping ME to the only me.

Bukan Tulisan Jiwa

Kerana apabila aku tidak mengharapkan
Jawapan sebagai satu kepastian…


Aku terus berdiam…

Dalam kelukaan yg amat payah untuk ditafsirkan…

Aku berjalan. Titik. Itu kembali
Menghantui aku.

Lantas. Titik.
Nyatakan dgn bahasa yg paling mudah..

Kerana apa cinta dicipta,

Jika bukan untuk mengajar kita




Bukan satu kemestian…

--biarkan lara berjalan...--

Go0fy me...

OMG!! Look at me!!

(pssttt...the girl in blue is deeply in luv with the man)

--This picture is hazardous to public. Complete ignorance is needed.TQ--

(from left--Ustaz Effendy, Miss Bunga, Ustazah Oat)!--♥


I gave myself to him,
And took himself for pay.
The solemn contract of a life
Was ratified this way
The value might disappoint,
Myself a poorer prove
Than this my purchaser suspect,
The daily own of Love
Depreciates the sight;
But, 'til the merchant buy,
Still fabled, in the isles of spice
The subtle cargoes lie.
At least, 'tis mutual risk,
—Some found it mutual gain;
Sweet debt of Life,
—each night to owe,
Insolvent, every noon.

--Emily Dickinson♥Luv u~Hafizal Elias♥

Kachinggg!! Kachingg!

Phewww… from the title itself, I guess you guys are already knew what my entry for this time would be basically based on what, am I right?


s.p.e.n.d.i.n.g over my good damn salary.

I don’t know why, but I guess I’m suck at saving money but way too good at spending it, wasting it.
A prodigal daughter I must say.

Let me do the math (camera) + (new handbags) + (sandals) + (treats) = (broke!!)
Serve me right!

Please….! I need professional advice.

First my new Olympus ų 840.
Well guys, you have to understand my need and desire. I love taking pictures and my old camera seems so unfashionable. Out of date. Ancient.
And this magic box seems so alluring.

(u can’t blame me on this!)

There’s no need for me to explain further.
I’m a handbags freak. Full stop.
Pinky Guess handbag and stripy roxy’s?
I couldn’t ask for more!!

Sandals. O0 sandals.

Vincci is my favorite stop. No argument. I love buying stilettos, heels, pumps, flats and sandal’s from ’em.
I’m a shoe addict, remember?

3 days in JB (excluding the camera) , I’ve already spent RM1500++. I repeat RM1500++

And now… I’m BROKE!!!