Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bunga to What SHE feels...

I am an average girl with little gift or should I say—none. I’m not pretty, mediocre-brain kind of person, I don’t contributed much to the world but I have taken too many. I’m clumsy, grumpy and extremely fussy. I’m a self-centered hypocritical person, I care less to others and I can’t stand patience.

Most of the times, I blamed the world for my weaknesses and for other’s advantages. I hate realizing how unfair the world seems to be. I hate seeing peoples craving sins and doing mistakes but still they lavishly ended up getting rich and smart and all the good luck charms have fell from the sky right onto their face.

I talk rubbish.

No one can understand me.

And that, my ultimate gift… J

I’m unpredictable.

p/s: Keeping ME to the only me.

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