Sunday, June 15, 2008

C A M P I N G no fun at all…

13th JUNE 2008-15th JUNE 2008

I’m so sorry but I have to say this.

I l0o0o0ovvveeeeee nature but I hate spending night at the jungle, secluded and far beyond technology.

I’m not born a rich girl but I’m having a princess-kind of life.

I’m super-hate bugs and flying insects.

I find it really hard to adapt life inside the jungle. No water flow from the running tap, no appropriate place to shower, no television. No everything.

I’m so much thankful to Allah that’s why I prefer live in my comfy home.

Three days of camping, I skipped two days and that ONE day was definitely a living hell for me.

I don’t bother to what others wanna say about me, the fact that they will bad mouthing ‘bout me, how fussy I am during that day is well pun it my conscious mind. I don’t care.
I’m just not fit with that.

There are so many ways we can show how grateful we are living on the earth and preserve the beauty of Mother Nature. There are many, tones of it, but please… F O R M E~ camping is just not one of it.


p/s : EARTH DAY~5th JUNE every year!!

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