Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Confession Of A Shopaholic

(to my haters :) )

The first thing that I want you guys to know is I’M NOT RICH.
I earn it, but I’m not inheriting it.

Yes, I love to spend too much and sometimes I overspent.
Yes, I love shopping.
Yes, I love branded stuff.
Yes, I’m crazy ‘bout designers stuffs.
Yes, I’m a shopaholic.
I can’t control the urge and tendency of spending money.
Yes, I love fashion.
Yes, I love beauty.
Yes. Indeed.

It’s not that money just falling from the sky and drop right onto my nose.
As I said before, I earn it.
1) Obvious reason~ I’m working (and the pay is one thumb up!)
2) My fiancé~ err… this might be a little too harsh. I see nice things, I ask him to buy it for me. Sometimes it works real fast, sometimes… it works but I have to put a little bit effort on that.
3) My saving ~ repetition of #1.
4) My fiancé’s saving~ repetition of #2.

I don’t care if you say I’m a gold digger, which obviously I’m not because gold digger digs gold, in the other hand I’m asking for stuffs and plus bonus point, he is my future husband which technically his money is mine too. Ahah…

Nahhh… I don’t give a damn ‘bout that.
I love being ME.


Auni Batrisyia said...

I'm 100% AGREE with u... ;)

Cik Puan Bunga said...

one hand up! :)