Monday, June 16, 2008



My new job in school is ‘site observer’. I’m observing things. Observation becomes my new obsession.
My cubicle is just a perfect place for me to monitor all things that happen in teacher’s room.
I love doing my new job and I learned a lot.

~Human is so complicated.

My first hypothesis.

Sample: All teachers.
Sampling Method: Random selected
Time/Length: As long as it may necessary

There is one sample that catches my interest.
A female breed.
A rare species but typical one.
Her specialties are: Brag and nag~ pretending~ two-face~ ll miss-goody-two-shoes ll

She has this aura of pretentious so0o0o0o strong she almost sends my nerves to a lifelong paralyze. Owh, I just can’t stand looking at her face for a complete two seconds. I will puke. Literally puke. No play play.

She’s so plastic.
She thinks that man will easily fall for her, weeping and pleading to be her boyfriend. Well, my observation proved contrarily. When she needs someone to help her finish her job, she will go from one cubicle to another, whining ‘bout her endless workloads, saying how tired she was doing all those things, how pitiful she was, how cruel the world seemed to her, how she battling with time and fate just to finish her jobs, bla…bla…bla… and, at the end, peoples will definitely pity her and say the magic words… “Let me help you…”

I don’t understand why is she doing that, I mean, THAT??
Does she really feel that man will fall for her?
I would say NO. A strict NO. But, that was just my opinion; I am a woman (girl... I mean) and sometimes, my opinion is unusable.

I’m so sorry but she disgusts me.
In a true meaning of DISGUSTING.

p/s: idiotic. It’s really hard to understand.

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fLuffyLoveU said...

haha..u ni org batu pahat ker???i budget jer mlalui pic2 u...anywhere salam perkenalan..dah follow u..