Saturday, June 7, 2008


I grabbed this perfume yesterday during my shopping spree with Oat.
Seriously, I’ve never took a second glance over this brand before. But yesterday, it was like a magnetic power that allured me to stop at this perfume booth @ Pacific mall, Batu Pahat.

The packaging of this perfume is s0o0o0o unique and once the assistant of
the booth sprayed the perfume to me, the scent was superbly gorgeous!!

It smells lust!

Well, the price is not bad too.
A real deal.

Only for RM196, I think this one is worth to have.

Can’t wait to wear it tomorrow.

I wanna meet my sugarplum honey bunny!! :)
p/s: miss him so0o0o much!!


.Ecah.The.Cup.Cake. said...

omg! i realy agreed!
i oso luf d scent!
sgt sweeeettt!!!
sgt stuju sis bunga!

Cik Puan Bunga said...