Friday, July 4, 2008


Try to put yourself in a shoe of a shopaholic, and then you may understand the crisis I’m having right now. A great battle between good and evil. A war between need and desire, a serious fight between load and loss.

Maybe, for some of you, you might come across this in your head—a shopaholic is the richest human on earth, they can spend on everything that they want without even giving a second thought, they never worries about their saving balance, they never moan they never sigh about anything. They only know how to shop and shop.
But still, have you ever thought that you might absolutely 100% wrong?

There’s a thin line between rich and broke when it comes to shop.

The way the rich and the broke sped their money is ultimately different.
But shopaholic in the other hand is terrifying.

Their nerves to control the urge and tendency to shop are almost distorted.

And unfortunately, I am one of them.

I do realize that my saving accounts are getting short, but I don’t give it a damn. Never.
The only thing that struck my mind is to buy.fullstop.

I’ve tried to slow down my activity, but always… I have failed.

I can’t resists when my eyes took a single glance at a beau-ti-fool shoes. Plus perfumes and handbags. Until there is insufficient space for me (in my wardrobe) to stuff my things. I love to shop.
I know that sooner or later I have to overcome this.


I need to. I must!!!

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