Saturday, July 12, 2008

When I learned to CHERISH

As time flies, I realized something in common within myself and cruelty. I am strongly believed that I have successfully transformed myself into a living dead. I have no heart for sympathize and each step that I took led me far from happiness.

I have no one to blame but myself.
When everyone seemed to have their own judgment, I did nothing but stay quite and reserved. As I believe that everything will fall into their own places, the truth dragged me away and soon I am already abroad and beyond recognition.

When I learned to cherish, I’m completely turn off my self destruction buttons. I’m really paying attention to what/whom I cherished for and what touches me a lot is when my heart begins to feel things.

I love someone whom I really have to back away from.
I realized that I love the person the very moment I look into the eyes.
This is all wrong, but I can’t stop my heart from falling in love.
I got to stop this, but every time I tried to deny it, it became stronger than ever.

Help me… as I can’t help myself…

p/s:inikah C I N T A???

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