Monday, August 4, 2008

As Far As I’m Concern


Teacher’s room has been the most chaotic place ever exists in my school.
The living source of all the gossip things around my work place.
All sorts of true and untrue captivating stories are most likely to be found there.

I am in the center of denial~

I hate seeing people mentally killed by each other. When rumors are spread, the consequences are lethal too. Being differentiated only by one’s capability to face the news, its blooming is out of control.

I myself am not excluded.

Being labeled the most up-to-date teacher is not a pride that I deserved to get.
It’s burdening me sometimes it’s eating me inside out.

Peoples are pretentious.
I have working there long enough to point out those who on my side and those who are not.
But I just don’t give it a damn.
Does my sassiness upset you?
Well, if I did~ I don’t have to say sorry for that.

I guess they just couldn’t stand seeing me beautifully carved my fame and grace into a living legacy. Then that is their problem. Not mine.

And as for me, there is almost nothing could stop me from being ME.


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