Thursday, August 21, 2008


my twin will never hate me... ;)

And for some peoples, I can instantly guess the reason why they hate me so much, but for some others, I just don’t have a clue.
Why they hate me so much? Did I do something that annoyed them? Or it’s just their nature to hate others without reason?

A series of events happened in my life really opens my eyes widely than I thought I was before this. The chain of unexpected occurrences just popped out and forced me to cling over the edge.

I always follow my heart in whatever I do.
I’ve been conditioned to not make mistake, but seriously, I can’t live that way. Perhaps, a better claim of my life ahead is much promising than doing nothing challenging, discreetly making decision and play safe in a life stake kind of event.

People easily get bored in the process of understanding me. Once they have made their own conclusion about myself, they will lead me or at least shape me to a person they wanted me to be, but hey… don’t you use your brain? I’m not a machine. I’m a very alive human being who is capable to think and to take care of my own life. That’s why, once they saw me change into something they don’t want me to be (or at least what they expected me to be) they will throwing tantrums. Saying that I’m an ungrateful human and all.

I was just being ME.
Nothing can step in my way of becoming who am I really wanted to be.

I’m not forcing them to like me; I just want them to understand me.

Is that too much to ask for???

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