Sunday, August 17, 2008

Spendthrift (pt.2)

It was fun, it was fun, when shopping we doubled up the fun!!!
(My favorite humming words!!Hihi…)

Oh my God~ I just can’t stop!
A shopaholic I must say—and I’ve no feeling of regret after all.

It started with a small talk between me and Dell and we ended up racing from one bricked store to another, hunting for the latest fashion outfits, shoes and bags!!
Payday is just around the corner and we have already celebrated it!

I am so-so-so super excited when it comes to spending money plus burn few kilos walking non-stoppable for almost 5 hours! Can you imagine??

Occay~ call me crazy but I rather call myself a definite spendthrift. (puke…puke…)


Turquoise Petite Hobo from SUMMIT RM79.90
Gold Stilettos from SUMMIT RM59.90
Metallic Turquoise Strap Heels from
Ready-made Baju Kurung from
Norris Collections RM65.00
Make ups from MAYBELLINE RM29.90

TOTAL RM284.60


Make ups from MAYBELLINE RM49.90
Love by Morgan EDT RM129.90
Life by Esprit EDT RM123.90
Aventurine Crystal bangle RM189.90
G/Phantom Crystal bangle RM89.90

TOTAL RM583.50

Oh my GOD~

See where my money goes…

See where I did my saving scheme…



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