Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TO HELL~ (with thousands of love)

Quite a quirk title to start with, is I’m right?
(yeah… like I care!)

I found out that teaching works backward with me.
Is it really ME or the students nowadays are becoming more and more aggressive?

Every time I walk into the class—I was like “am I doing the right thing???”

Ask me the same question, 10 years ago. My answer will be “Yessss! I wanna be a teacher!!!!!!!”
But now…
I’m going to be like…errr….aaaa….uuuuu….ermmmmm….

In my whole life, I have never ever played rude to my teachers. Not a single time, but my students (especially the students from the ‘brilliant’ class) they were so0o0o ytghfnkjchbctfbn#####%^#@%*(^$@ tuTTTTTTT!!!!!!

Inhale. Exhale.

God. Grant me patience and determination, as my spirit goes thinner, and as my willing goes fader.

God, if YOU have already stated up there that this is my fate to be the educational servant, then this is my will to serve the best for my country, religion and my nation.

Help me my All mighty.
For YOU is the only one I lay my hope upon, I pour out my heart to.

Bless me Allah.
And help me, to walk this winding road.

Amin ya rabbal al amin.