Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What’s Wrong If He Likes To Cook?

~to another educative visit to a book store.
And as usual, I went to my favorite spot—The New Arrivals.
Caught a glimpse of Stephen King’s new masterpiece—have a good looked on its price~tata goodbye. Too expensive. Can’t afford it (Orr… should I say—the price is too actually-I can afford it-but hey-there’s a voluptuous handbag: Think twice~kind of price) got what I mean? :)

I noticed that he was missing—my fiancé I mean. Where was he?
Owhh… there he was. Standing secretively behind the book rack with a big signboard “COOKING AND DECORATING”.
I’m puzzled. What on earth did he do back there?
Gingerly moving towards him, I noticed that he was holding a portable size of a cooking book—international dishes with this big warm smile drawn over his face. Such an angel when he smiles like that.

He was flipping over the book, with a fusion feeling of excitement and enjoyment.
His eyes were as big as a seagull’s egg and I can literally see that his heart is pumping and beating faster than ever.

Then I realized one thing—for all this while, I’m trying to stop him from what he loves doing most. He likes cooking and he is really good in that. He has a hand of a great chef and he knows that he can do better with that.
It will always be me, who tries to stop him from continue cooking because I’m kind of think that cooking is only for women, not for men. I keep on denying the fact that great chef are mostly men. But when I saw him over-exciting like that, when I saw him smiling and his big eyes were shining, I just knew that I made a huge mistake.

I slowly moved behind him, spying on his action before I put my hand on his back.
He turned around, quickly replaced the book on its place and smiled.
“Got yours, darl?”
I shook my head.
“But I got one for you…”
I took the cooking book from its shelf and then I put it in his hands.
“You are the best chef in my life…”
He laughed. A sweet, quick and angelic laugh.
He melts my heart every time he does that.
“My treat… I know you love to cook, aite? Next time around, I want you to cook your best meals for me, aite?”
He smiled. Then we both laughed.
As we walked to the counter, I took a glance over his face and I saw him smiling widely. I knew that I mended his heart that day, and I just realized that there’s nothing wrong if your fiancé/husband/boyfriend loves to cook.
Aite? :)

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