Tuesday, August 26, 2008

YOU’VE GOT ME SERVED!(To whom it may concerned)

Insanity almost fooled me and this is what I’m regretted for.
I’m so fucked up when I learned that for all this while I’ve been cheated, almost humiliated, back stabbed and the worst is, I’ve been betrayed by my own good buddy. And the same old cut hurts me again. (ARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!)

I wish I could throw my tantrums on her very face.
I wish I could kill her over and over again, so that she will know how regret I am, how hurt I am, how disappointed I am, the moment I knew that she is turning her back against me.

Look what I’ve done to her.
I transformed her into such a person.
I magically tuned her from an ugly duckling to a beau-ti-fool woman I’ve ever seen.
And look, what she has got me paid!

I will never ever trust others again.
Not even a single blink of an eye.

I have learned enough and I have my lesson very loud and clear.

She hurts me, and this time she hurts me really deep.

If she happens to read this, I just want you to know that if I can erase you from my memory, I will willingly doing so.
But life is just an art of drawing without an eraser.

And you will remain there, in my darkest past forever.

Thanks for your tainted friendship.
I have enough.

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