Tuesday, September 30, 2008

seronottttt raya!!! ;)

♣waaaaaa...dah besar2 pon dpt duet raya lagikkkk!!! trimas kpd yg memberi... ;)♣

♣waaahhhh...first tyme dapat kueh raye... ;) happy sungguh--tak sbr mahu jamah tyme buka pose nanti...sungguh teruja! ;) jgn jelous yaaahhh! ;) ♣

Cerita Dia

Dia bercerita tentang masa bahagianya tanpa henti.
Seolah2 saya wujud disitu sebagai pendengarnya yg paling setia.
Saya lihat riak gembira diwajahnya terpancar apabila bercerita tentang hari indahnya.
Saya tahu bahagia antara saya dan dia mula sirna.
Saya sapu rasa bimbang itu dengan gelak juga dengan senyum menutup luka.
Melihat bahagianya dia bercerita;
Saya jadi pasrah pada cerita taqdir.

“Dia mampu hidup tanpa saya.dengan bahagianya”
Telah saya dalam jiwa.

Dan saya tersenyum lagi.


HappineSs!!! ;)

:: im going off to see my special one! ;) ::

Magical things that ever happened to me and one of it were seeing my special one in front of my very own eyes. It’s not a big deal for some of you. What’s the big fuss about your love one come over to your place, drop by and spending some quality time with you, aite? But this is different. No one will ever understand our feelings and situations.

We scoured around time to try to fit our time together, and each time we will end up cat fighting. But today, we were together. Hand in hand, ignoring eyes that maliciously following our steps. Who cares? Yeah, like we do care. In fact—we don’t even bother.

Though we spending hours to talk about the most boring-est topic ever—about our ex’es (yeah like I care) but I just love the way the story being told. Emotionally engraved in my memory.

It’s the smallest thing, but the sweetest thing ever.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

;) Teacher Kesayangan...

salam~ ;)
alamak...menyampahnya baca tajuk blog ittew!!!
itu mereka la yg cakap...
bukan saya la...
terima kasih kerana sudi menceriakan malam 28ramadhan saya...
mereka ittew students2 saya (4 sains 3)
errr...siapa ya yg dtg td?
mereka sgt sweeyyytttt... ;)
gmbr tak dpt upload byk coz kami lupa mahu berposing! ;)
sakan bergelak ketawa...
teringat usikan taufik...--"abang hensem pakai cermin mata...--"
hahahaha...taufik sewel!


temptation!!!Teacher~you really have to choose, between finishing your marking works or having a lavish time reading CLEO??????~
lihatlah meja saya yg penuh dgn stuffs from the students and hari raya cards! ;)

i lurve all of them!!!


Friday, September 26, 2008

The Pain

For a second of thought—it was as if I’m going to call this matter off. No more heartache and no more crying out at night session, once and for all. It’s not that I’m giving up, but it’s sort of resolution that sooner or later will knock on my door and asking to be taken care of.

~Love matter sometimes demanding more than you could possibly provide.
I’m not exaggerating thing when I say that love is perhaps—a matter of life and death. Most of the time, it could be worsened.

Situations completely blindfolded me, but thank God there will always be a light to shine my path. And each time, though the lights are getting dimmer, I still can see the way, which I’m supposed to take.

I’m running out of patience, sometimes I blame things. Sometimes I cried my heart out, and sometimes I cursed the nature.
LOVE is perhaps the only thing that haunted my life.
I want to break this free.
I need strength.

Once, the happiness of solemn pride and blissfully live was mine. I flaunted without even realizing that the price is too high for me to pay. A tremendous downfall that caused me lifetime heartache. I wished I could turn back time—see, how stupid I’m wishing for a impossible thing to happen. Time is too expensive honey; you can’t afford to get through it twice!

The cold breeze touched my face.
I know that someone out there is whispering my name.
I know that I have to fight for this love.
Only the question is—how far will my only ONE fight with me for this endless love?
I wish I have the answer.
p/s: you hope my dear, you hope...

After great pain, a formal feeling comes--

After great pain, a formal feeling comes-
The Nerves sit ceremonious, like Toombs--
The stiff Heart questions was it He, that bore,
And Yesterday, or Centuries before?

The Feet, mechanical, go round--
Of Ground, or Air, or Ought--
A Wooden way
Regardless grown,
A Quartz contentment, like a stone--

This is the Hour of Lead--
Remembered, if outlived,
As Freezing persons recollect the Snow--
F irst--Chill--then Stupor--then the letting go--

Emily Dickinson

The very first time you hurt me, I was dying with tremendous pain and inexplicable agony. I was hardly move, my words are all stutter and nothing in me seemed to be functioning anymore. The second time you hurt me, I was more or less dying with pain—but after you hurt me more often than you could remember—I can’t feel nothing at all. No pain, nothing.
It was a numbness I felt, deep down inside my heart.
A numbness that can only be understood by a heartless and emotionless homo sapiens.


The Cruelty of A Cruel~


I don’t bother looking for something which I have already knows I will not find it.
What’s more, it it’s clearly stated that
I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOOK for it at the first place.

So, if you are saying that
you love me with all your heart, and you need me, and you treasure me—just—just stop it now while you can.
Is it not enough for you to juggle my feeling?
I have learned my lesson. The very basic rule of falls in love.

It’s really painful—knowing that the one that you give your heart to is betraying you. It’s eating your heart out. Literally.

I’m too hurt.
I can barely touch my own emotion.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I don't know...

I am in the middle of blurry situation where perhaps my mind is refused to let any unidentified things invade my thinking.
There is only one thing haunts my head and it keeps on banging on the wall of my perception like it will never go away~Naaaa’aaaa… Never.
Sometimes, it likes the pain in the ass.
It hurts and pretty annoying too.

How am I going to change the life that I’m living right now?
Full of uncertainties and unexpected surprises.
To be frank~I’m quite tired of all this bullshits.

We are supposed to have fun in life and not only just sit there pretending like there’s nothing else we could do to restore the justice and fairness.

If only they know how to be more understanding…

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dunia Sekecil Ini~

salam.saya belajar banyak perkara.perkara2 baru yg kdgkala buat saya berfikir.does my life is worth living?
tak ramai orang senang kerana mereka layak mendapatkan kesenangan itu.most of them, they just took if for granted.~well--at least, it's my point of view...
seorang yg suka merungut seperti saya, sentiasa mencari kesempurnaan dalam kecacatan dunia pd hari ini.
lantas saya selalu berfikir secara mudah--
kemana lagi hala tuju dunia kita kalau bukan di akhirat sana?
dunia sekecil ini,
memerlukan pengorbanan sebesar iman untuk diteroka, diselusuri dan dijajah...
yg akhiran nya nanti--
hanya satu lagi ceritera tumbangnya anak bangsa...
kadangkala,bunga juga punya pandangan mata dunia--

Sunday, September 21, 2008

sampai mati~

sampai bila...
sampai jasad tiada nyawa...
mereka yg tak pernah tahu,
kita memburu rasa itu...
~biar dunia menidakkan kita....
kita ada dlm dunia berbeza....
sampai bila...
sampai bila pun...
sampai jasad terpisah nyawa....
sampai hati bertemu TuhanNya...
kau tetap dalam jiwa--sanubari....
sampai mati....

It’s ME being paranoid~

How could I describe this? When I’m in love and no one will be there to share my darkest secret, and actually no one would ever listen to my soliloquy. Pretending like there’s nothing to fuss about and better yet, I’m always relying on my flawed hunches more than ever.

I’m in love with a person that I should not be with.

It’s all started from a very tiny coincident.

And then, it’s blooming to a very beautiful thorn rose.

It’s a feeling that haunted me everywhere I go…

If clover can understand this….

p/s:addicted to ME~

Thursday, September 11, 2008


*peoples are giving me a round applause and they are all hail, giving me a standing ovation*
(The sounds of the flapping hands are echoing….)

As I’m approaching the stage, I take a single glace to the shining award in the hands of the announcer. My heart is beating so fast, I can barely walk.

My heart is thumping real hard when I take my first step, climbing the stairs to the stage. Suddenly the sound completely stop and eyes are on me.

There are hundred pairs of eyes~
I think, there are thousand pairs of eyes.
All focusing on me.

The lady who holding my award passes me the big-heavy-prestigious award to me.
I gasp for fresh air as I planning what to say in my head.

I’m clearing throat and giving the crowd the sweetest smile ever.

My eyes ere scanning the audience.
I can see that many of my blogger friends looking at me with a fusion of feelings. Half amazed and half envious.

The Creative Blogger
It reads.


There goes my first word, and people like wanting more than just a simple-plain “well”.
They want to hear the words coming out from the mouth of the Most Creative Blogger 2008. and that is me!!!

“Thank you. This is for all.”
I raise the award up high in the air. For a moment, I think that the audience is completely shut off. They are not responding!!!

They are hoping for more!!
My speech is too short.
Yup~ I know what they want. They want to know more!!

“Well—if you want to know more, just read my blog”
As I finish saying this, I hop down the stage, and walking incredibly confident to my seat.
Well—after all, what is the point of blogging,aite?



Zillion thanx diucapkan pada student saya~ cik Bo0.

Ini TAG kerja dia la…
Ucapan puasa….
Selamat berpuasa ditujuka kepada SEMUA orang yg berpuasa…
Yang x puasa..maaf lah yer…
Ni ucapan selamat berpuasa…bukannya selamat tak berpuasa….
Walaupun SELAMAT tak puasa *student saya ada yg nama SELAMAT BIN BABAR*
Dia pon takleh jugak nak dapat ucapan selamat berpuasa neh~
(apa yang aku mengarot nehhh!!!~)

Jgn dera saya…
Saya tatau bagi ucapan!


p/s: sampai hati cik bo0 dera I macm neh…huuuuuu…..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pendam Rasa

Rasa mahu sangat marah...
tapi nak buat apa...
marah bukan boleh selesai masalah...
tambah masalah lg adalah...
tadi saya siapkan semua kerja...
SEMUA kerja.occay...
register students,yuran,marking...
i've done it all...
saya blk agak lewat...
lewat 6 minit...(*itu sudah dikira lewat,ya...*)
saya separuh terbang...
esok saya kena menghadap kelas jin tonchettt...
saya chekgu yg jahat...
tak berkompromi dengan setan...
kau mahu pandai--kau kena belajar...
kau mahu bodoh--gaji aku masuk jugak bulan2...
cukup sudah bersabar...
jangan sampai muka saya masuk paper...
"Guru Bahasa Inggeris menanam anak muridnya hidup2..."
mahu kau??
p/s: bahasakan diri...