Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HappineSs!!! ;)

:: im going off to see my special one! ;) ::

Magical things that ever happened to me and one of it were seeing my special one in front of my very own eyes. It’s not a big deal for some of you. What’s the big fuss about your love one come over to your place, drop by and spending some quality time with you, aite? But this is different. No one will ever understand our feelings and situations.

We scoured around time to try to fit our time together, and each time we will end up cat fighting. But today, we were together. Hand in hand, ignoring eyes that maliciously following our steps. Who cares? Yeah, like we do care. In fact—we don’t even bother.

Though we spending hours to talk about the most boring-est topic ever—about our ex’es (yeah like I care) but I just love the way the story being told. Emotionally engraved in my memory.

It’s the smallest thing, but the sweetest thing ever.

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