Friday, September 26, 2008

The Pain

For a second of thought—it was as if I’m going to call this matter off. No more heartache and no more crying out at night session, once and for all. It’s not that I’m giving up, but it’s sort of resolution that sooner or later will knock on my door and asking to be taken care of.

~Love matter sometimes demanding more than you could possibly provide.
I’m not exaggerating thing when I say that love is perhaps—a matter of life and death. Most of the time, it could be worsened.

Situations completely blindfolded me, but thank God there will always be a light to shine my path. And each time, though the lights are getting dimmer, I still can see the way, which I’m supposed to take.

I’m running out of patience, sometimes I blame things. Sometimes I cried my heart out, and sometimes I cursed the nature.
LOVE is perhaps the only thing that haunted my life.
I want to break this free.
I need strength.

Once, the happiness of solemn pride and blissfully live was mine. I flaunted without even realizing that the price is too high for me to pay. A tremendous downfall that caused me lifetime heartache. I wished I could turn back time—see, how stupid I’m wishing for a impossible thing to happen. Time is too expensive honey; you can’t afford to get through it twice!

The cold breeze touched my face.
I know that someone out there is whispering my name.
I know that I have to fight for this love.
Only the question is—how far will my only ONE fight with me for this endless love?
I wish I have the answer.
p/s: you hope my dear, you hope...

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