Thursday, September 11, 2008


*peoples are giving me a round applause and they are all hail, giving me a standing ovation*
(The sounds of the flapping hands are echoing….)

As I’m approaching the stage, I take a single glace to the shining award in the hands of the announcer. My heart is beating so fast, I can barely walk.

My heart is thumping real hard when I take my first step, climbing the stairs to the stage. Suddenly the sound completely stop and eyes are on me.

There are hundred pairs of eyes~
I think, there are thousand pairs of eyes.
All focusing on me.

The lady who holding my award passes me the big-heavy-prestigious award to me.
I gasp for fresh air as I planning what to say in my head.

I’m clearing throat and giving the crowd the sweetest smile ever.

My eyes ere scanning the audience.
I can see that many of my blogger friends looking at me with a fusion of feelings. Half amazed and half envious.

The Creative Blogger
It reads.


There goes my first word, and people like wanting more than just a simple-plain “well”.
They want to hear the words coming out from the mouth of the Most Creative Blogger 2008. and that is me!!!

“Thank you. This is for all.”
I raise the award up high in the air. For a moment, I think that the audience is completely shut off. They are not responding!!!

They are hoping for more!!
My speech is too short.
Yup~ I know what they want. They want to know more!!

“Well—if you want to know more, just read my blog”
As I finish saying this, I hop down the stage, and walking incredibly confident to my seat.
Well—after all, what is the point of blogging,aite?


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