Sunday, October 26, 2008



Woke up in the morning with miscellaneous feelings of guilt, remorse and regret.
It creates an ambiguous fusion of confusedness.

I wish if only I could turn back time, then I would probably change the whole thing.

Staring blankly to the ceiling, the sound of whipping fan sooths me.

My wedding day is just around the corner, but there’s uncertainty in every single move I make.
So many questions popped up in my mind and each time I tried to answer it, my mind went completely blank.

I’m going to be someone else’s wife.
It’s a scary fact.
(Is it?)

I took a deep sigh and turn my head to my left side.
I saw a picture of him and me on my engagement day.

He was smiling soooo happily and I can still remember how touched I was at that very moment.
The moment he slipped the ring on my finger, I almost cry my heart out.
It’s an almost victory—perhaps.

I love him. There’s no doubt.
But recently—I’ve been hurt.

I wish I have the answer to my heart.
Maybe—what I’m going through right now is just a phase in my life. A challenging one, perhaps.

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