Tuesday, October 21, 2008



A busy week but I found it quite overwhelming. With so limited time but so many things to do—this is a crazy adhoc.
Exam week just around the corner. It brings two news, bad and good one—side by side.
Good news—I don’t have to prepare my lesson plan anymore (yeayyyyyy~)
Bad news—I have to stay put because I’m working during the SPM examination. (Bosan seyyyyy---)

Well—that is not the exact thing I’m going to nag on tonight. There is one more thing.
I received an SMS this morning and sent me quite an extreme shocked, petrified me with countless numbness and unexplained heartache.
With trembling hands, I hold my handphone for a moment before I exhaled a deep frustrating breathe.
In a split of second my mind went blank.

So I did understand the feeling of being abandoned—being rejected and being neglected.

Owhhhh come on! So this is the new way of breaking up? Or, it is actually done before this and only me become so ignorant I left the world behind?


I smiled a little. Reclined. Then I gather my things, grabbed my handbag and went straight to my class. On my way upstairs, there is only one thing being playback over and over again in my mind. The vow and promises. It makes my stomach growling in pain and sickness. I wanted to puke. It was so disgusting I almost throw out in and agonizing nausea.

So there goes my ultimate trust.
I took a deep breath and smiled to the sun before I appeared in front of the door of 5 Science 3. They welcomed me with their most beautiful smile, and their pure sincerity sailed away my pain, my disappointment and my broken heart.

p/s: when one door is closed—a lot of others opened up. Thanks anyway =)

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