Thursday, October 30, 2008

Get Mean... Get Even...!!

If you say that sometimes life is unfair to you, you are totally wrong—because life is ALWAYS unfair to you. It deceives you in one way or another. Mimicking your downfalls and haunting you with agonizing pain and endless humiliation. Life will always tarnish your beauty of remain memories with saddening words of liars; life will juggle your fate like never end. Life will come to you with its malicious face and rip off your spirit before it burn your belief and strong will.

I perceive life through my most hurtful memories.
And each time life teaches me something valuable and worthy, I grow stronger than ever.


Two of my former friends returned back my invitation card without specific reason. They said that I should give it by hand to them instead of asking my PAR to distribute it for me. They threw me quite an insolence words.

My comments: emmm… perhaps this is the new way human loosing their dignity and integrity with humiliated others for self pride purposes. No offence:: but this is just to much::

Perhaps I should just back to normal. Restore back the old ME. The mean me. The old me who will never give a shit about people. Self centered and pretty annoying too. Perhaps I should double think on being nice to others and rather be called with type of bad names than being super kind but still hated by others. Perhaps I should be a super villain.


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