Sunday, October 26, 2008



This is really a jaw-dropping moment!
The minute I saw Dell holding two massive paper bags, imprinted with big GUESS logo on its cover I can feel that my body was shivering!
My nerves were jumping up and down and my mind was actually stop working! Ngeee~

It was actually only a few steps ahead that separated me and Dell but for me, those few steps were like ages! Ages, dude!
I grabbed the bags—digging deep inside it and there they were—

The most voluptuous and sexiest bags I have ever seen!
They are so sleek, elegant and eyes catching!!!!

Automatically, my sadness flown away—I can barely remember the reason I mourned all day. The only thing in my mind was just— those pretty bags!
Examining the bags (like I always do) along with the adrenalin filled all over my body, my lips can’t stop smiling. It was a solemn miracle that was just happened. A sense of relief and thankfulness that only me and my kind can understand. That only can be well understood by a pure shopaholic like me.

I love it!
I really heart it Dell!

Thanks to you, thanks for your sacrifice. The humiliation that you went through in the process of bringing these two angles to me.
Thanks so much for this presents.
I’m so touched!

:: ini mmg gilos punye chantekzzz!::

::sudah lama cari beg merah... ;) ::

p/s: sayang DELL lebey... ;)

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