Thursday, October 2, 2008


Alamak~should I say, it was the busiest year ever—but still, it’s the happiest of all.
I have to run errands, doing all sort of things—catching up breath and up to certain stage of exhaustion, I was so flat I can’t even move my eyelids!

But~ I have to say that this is the memorable year of celebrating Eid Mubarak. This is my first year of working/ and for this Eid Mubarak, I gave my mom the most priceless gift ever. She was always whining about our nasty old kitchen, how she always tripped over things, stepped onto unwanted things messed over my kitchen floor. And this year, I can see her smile spread widely across her pouty lips. :: I gave my mom a new kitchen::~the heart of a house,aite~ ;)


errr....cubaan membuat biskut...

mcm menampakkan hasil... ;)

hahaha...white choc cookies...mcm setappp jerrr!!!

p/s: still, got many things to do... ;(

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