Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Babies... ;(

Occayyy—I have to admit that sometimes I may act a little bit silly—occayyyy. But please don’t blame me for my silliness—for I am a complete ignorant. I am easily awaken by such things—and now I am so confused with my needs and desires—and owhhh pleaseeee--- don’t put too much pressure on my shoulders because I don’t think I can take it anymore. Fullstop.

It’s not that I hate babies. I love them— I love them too much I don’t think I am respectively qualified to take care of one. Pleaseeee---pleaseeeeee! I'm not saying that they give me an endless headache—noppeee! It’s just that—well, put it this way—read my lips—I AM NOT READY TO HAVE ONE. Can you understand me? So please stop asking those questions like; owwhhh—now she’s pregnant—when will be your turn? Are you afraid of loosing your body shape?—the confinement session is damn torturing,occaayyyyy!! Ssss0000 pleaseeeE! If I’m ready enough—I will have my own baby. No doubt. But right now—enough saying that I’m not ready, yet. (is that too hard to understand?)

Well—as far as I’m concerned—Sara, Sue and Farhana is now a pregnant-babe. Yerppppp—I’m so happy for them. Because I think—personally—they are the greatest women on planet earth. They have something that I don’t. They have the courage—which unfortunately, mine is gone looooong time ago.

Babies are wonderful—they are one of the magical creatures and their arrival is awaited by maaaanyyyyy peoples in this whole wide world, and I’m looking forward to put one in my arms, kiss them affectionately, play with their tiny little toes, tickle their bulging stomach—I want to feel all of it, but now—I don’t think I’m ready. (sighs….)

God—give me strength. For I’m having a pregnant-phobia syndrome.

p/s: I’m such a fool—I know.

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Missfasha said...

puan bunga..
ur rezeki will come.
juz wait n see k..:)