Sunday, November 23, 2008

crushhhh... ;)

This is a sweettt first love story of my childhood crush and I. a story that could have been told long time ago, but I prefer to put it safely in my heart. Untold—undiscovered and only revealed when the time is right. This is a story where I found my love—where my heart has spoken to me, a story; where I finally felt my own presence in this world.

Let me introduce you to my childhood crush—name Kemek [Suhaimi bin Mohammad]
It such a super duper sweetttt story and it still can make me smile until this very day ;) [his got his nickname from me—occayyy :k e m ek:]

He is such a good lad—a very best friend of mine. We used to play together, laugh together—we shared quite a good deal of secrets—he knew me well [at that time]. He has the most beautiful smile of a boy could have, he loves to laugh and he is so cheerful. I could still remember the moment where we were playing together, chasing each other and the moment we shared our ABC—spending the most memorable evening [during our school time] together. As long as I remember—I started to like him since I was 7 years old and it’s continued until I’m in standard 6.

Then we parted… ~ ;(

We have lost contact.


After 8 years of parting—one day I met him.

And he never changes. He stills the very same person—only he becomes such a refine man. Sweet and charming as ever—with his undeniably sweet smile ;)

We talked—and spent time together [thans God….]


I will never forget this moment.

And what touched me so deep is when he said;

“aku masih simpan lagi bantal busuk yang kau bagi kat aku dulu… dah nak sepuluh tahun dah… ;)”

I pray for him always—for his goodness, for everything.
I hope that one day ahead—he will find a good soul to keep him company. To love him and to care for him—to always be with him, be his sweetheart forever. Here and hereafter. ;)

And for you—thank for the memories [tears and laughter] it teaches me a lot. it’s good to have you as my friend—and it’s always good to have the fact that once upon a time—in a far far away land—we both have our lovely sweet remembrance to share. ;)

p/s: ;)

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