Saturday, November 1, 2008


Some people, they just don’t have any idea when to stop fussing about others, aren’t they?
And the worst is some of them are already crossing the boundary.
I wander what is actually they want from me?

Hello~ I’m not a celebrity, occay.
I’m just a normal girl who works for a living, that’s all.

So pleaaaaseeee stop bugging me. Please stop scooping my life and everything about me. To be frank, you are actually having no rights to know anything about me. Please learn my words. YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS!

My wedding is just around the corner and the rumors getting worst. It’s terrible, pretty annoying too.

Well, can you see it?
I’m marrying to one of the most eligible bachelor in town and some of you can’t just get away with the fact. Poor, tiny thing. Please learn to accept fate as it is.

I don’t mean to hurt anyone, but I have to defend my rights and when peoples are trespassing my yard, I need to make my move.

Sorry losers,

HAFIZAL is rightfully mine.

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