Thursday, November 27, 2008

M for Mystery

I think I’m sick. My face is gravely pale, even my hubby says that my eyes lost its sparkle. There’s a dark circle around my eyes. I eat triple than usual then I throw it out. There’s a growling pain in my head it sends me to a tremendous headache.

I begin to hallucinating things.
Before I off to bed, I always feel a presence of a woman in white cloth (like always) tailing me to my room. Sometimes, I think I saw her standing next to my wardrobe.
She has no face—for your information.
I hope I’m just exaggerating.


There were times where I try to hurt myself.

Twice already.

The first one, I scratched my neck and arms with car keys.

The second one—it happened last night. I didn’t recall any single details but my hubby said that, I’m standing next to him, cursing and swearing him—and I’m holding a foldable knife. It’s scary, occay. Because I don’t remember anything.

The only thing I remember is, my body is in agonizing pain.

I don’t know…


nur easy said...

meremang lak i baca ni.. mudah2an dijauhi bencana

Cik Puan Bunga said...

@nur easyAmin! :)