Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shopaholic Ties The Knot

I woke up this morning with a stranger beside me.
An awkward feeling overwhelming me as I looked at the stranger with a puzzled face.
He sleeps peacefully, tranquil and the heaven too seems stood still.
There was an angelical formation drawn on his face, it touches my heart so deep.
I drew myself closer to him and as if my breath and he are going to collide, I kissed him on his forehead.

A complete stranger he was once.

I cupped his face with my hands before I gave him another kiss on his left cheek, and at this time, he opened his beautiful eyes. The eyes than never tired of shining my day, the eyes that always sees beauty in me no matter how awful I may look like.

He smiled to me and it soothed me to my deepest peacefulness.

He took my hand and put them on his chest. The heaven has spoken.

“Perhaps, fate has favored us a better deal…” said him.
I swear, there was a tear in my eyes as I gave him a little nod.

It was the very first morning we woke up together, and it was the very first morning I slept peacefully in his arms.

He is now, my husband.
The man and never rejects me regardless my imperfections.
The man that never tires praising my flaws and turn it into such beauty poetry.
He never refuses to listen, he never fails to understand.
He is the only man that sees me and accepts me for what I am.
And, with him, I learned and experienced a solemn happiness, a true love, a pure one, that peoples will die in envy knowing how hopeless they are in finding one.

We have been through a lot of suffers for all this while.
We have hurt a lot, we have cried a lot, but we will never give up. Not for our love. Never.

I kissed him again~
And the moment he cuddled me into his arms, and again, the heaven has spoken to me, personally.


Anonymous said...
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fatihahmohdzin said...

hye kak bunga=)

i think it`s a bit late but xpelah : selamat pengatin baru dan
semoga bahagia ke anak cucu=)

p/s:actually sy dah lame follow blog kakak,tapi xpenah tinggalkan komen je.this is my very first.nice blog=)

Anonymous said...

tq cikteeha tomeyyylll... ;)