Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kegembiraan Dalam Sebuah Bungkusan (Pt2)

jeng jenggg-suspennnn!

waahhh-suspennn lagikssss-

owwwww-sweeetttt eyzaaa ;)

-chantekkkssss-tq darlinkkk ;)

terharunyerrrrr-cygggg eyzaaaa ;)

hoho-rase mcm celebrate xmas plakkss-sgt sukeeee ;D

owhhh ya-btw nehh adelah parcel dari cik eyza doolittle yg tomeyl momeylll-sgt2 sweetttt-didatangkan khas bersama ribuan butterflies [trademark eyza] gumbirenyerrrr hatiiii sayaaaaaa-tq darlingggg-i tau u sgt susah and penattttt-i cygggg u! ;D

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kegembiraan Dalam Sebuah Bungkusan

alhamdulillah-selamat dah dapat parcel dari mrs.sada-photographer sayaaa yg hebatttt dan cambesttt! ;)-happy occayhhh-teramat2-yippieee!lama dah tunngu nehhh-hohoho ;p

huuuu-bestttt2nyer gmbr yg sada shootttt-sy mmg sukerrrr habeeesss-tak menyesal amekkk die jd my photog/and tak menyesal tunggu pics2 dari dieee-sgt happy-occayhhh-so these are some picturess yg sada shoot- ;p

::nehh-my fav pic-tatau la nape-tp mmg sukeerrrr sesangatt! ;p ::

::wooo-romantiknyerrrr... ;p ::


::fusion-love thissss ;p::

::alalalaaaa-mcm kat old castle gitewww- ;p::

meet my sada ;-


tq sada-tq so0o0o muchhhh- ;) cygggg kat u sesangatttt-so kepada sesape yg nakkkk mengakhiri zaman bujanggg-and you nak ur moment of truth tuh dicapture dgn sgt stylish-posh-and elegant nyerrr-maka bolehlah mendapatkan khidmat sada yg sgttt memuaskan hati nehhh-die sgt friendly occayhhh-u takkan terasa mcm baru kenal dieee-- ;) and die make up kan sy dgn sgt chanteksssnyerrrr-huhu [rase nak nanesss nehhh-]

truly saying-sada telah menjadikan impian raja sehari sy dengan sangat jayanyerrr- ;)

thank you dearrrr- ;)

p/s: berkawan tanpa batasan... ;)

Monday, December 29, 2008

He Turns 27

He laughed when I kissed him upon his forehead and wished him ‘Happy Birthday’. He looked stunned but pleased.
Still in my PJ- I watched him get dressed to work with another stupid feeling of missing him.
When he done-he came to me-lightly kissed my cheeks and forehead and he smiled. The smile that brighten my entire day.
“Thank You, sayang…” said he.
“Balik cepat ye-nanti I masak…masak best-besttt-eh eh…mak masakkk-" [fyi-I’m a pathetic jokehead- I’m living with my parents-dangg!]
He laughed again and hugged me tightly. Before he closed the door-he winked at me and I felt as if I’m going to flyyyyy- ;p

Ya Allah-
Panjangkanlah umurnya-berkatilah dan limpahilah rahmat ke atasnya-murahkanlah rezekinya-hiasilah dia dengan sejuta keindaham yang Kau berikan kepada seorang manusia.


Happy 27th birthday-husband.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Empty Can Do The Talkin'

-otw nak pg tengok YES Man-bestttt ;)

I’ve never saw him laughing hysterically like that since god-knows-when I thought I would never ever see it again. It’s a serene feeling and without realizing it, I smiled a little. A blast feeling of joy and tranquility.

In a dark room [lit only by the light appear from the screen] I can see his face clearly with a big smile drawn on it. He seemed enjoying the movie so much. I took a deep breath and sighed. I’m so in love with this guy. With his flaws and weaknesses, with his clumsiness-with everything he has that makes him a special man. I’m so into him-if you can tell. He is my victorious. I’ve won him and I will always do.

I squeezed his left arm so tight and he gave me a meaningful look-the look that always melts my heart.
“Is everything alright,hon?”
I nodded and he continued gluing his eyes on the screen.
-sy sgtttt cintakan die-wuuu jiwangsss ;)

For God sake- I think-seriously and sincerely I don’t deserve in my life. Give me a thousand years too- you will find me not good enough to be his spouse. I’m telling you-I’m not good enough for him. He deserves someone’s prettier-smarter-and way better than me. I always wandering- WHY GOD give him to me? WHY-and I’m afraid to hear the answer I rather let it unknown-and t stays that way.

Give me strength-
Give me strength to face the life-to face the cruel nasty life-
Give me strength-
To keep my destiny, to your heaven…


I met this girl today at Batu Pahat Mall- it wasn’t a planned date-or anything like it- it more to bump-on-meet kind of thing.
It’s hilarious.
I mean- can you imagine?
In a crowded shopping mall- full of peoples-out of nowhere, suddenly you’ve been called by name that you are not entitled to. Occayhh- In virtual world- I go by the name BUNGA-but the truth is- it’s not my real name-and I believe that you guys are aware of that,right?
So-the moment you heard someone called you “BUNGA” it was like-danggg!!

Hahaha- and there she was- pretty and gorgeous-looking as always, this hot girl-ajja.
We shook hand and have a little chat before we parted. Well- it was a short meeting but it gives me a lot to remember.

Somehow- it’s really funny when we seriously think we have bunch of friends- but how many are really there when we need them? How many are really care for you? And how many are really sincere sharing your ups and downs?so- meeting a stranger like her and at the same time sharing this unseen connection-connected by a net- I think that’s the most magical thing that I couldn’t describe.

And thanxs to eyza-my sweet lil’buddy. For the sacrifice- for the friendship-for the understanding.


p/s: terima kaseh kerana telah bersusah payah untuk saya..
terharu giler2.. tau tau tau..
hope this friendship will lasted forever

Thursday, December 25, 2008


I’m sorry- for the ignorance
I’m sorry-for the coldhearted
I’m sorry-for the denial
I’m sorry-for the disappearance
I’m sorry-for the misbehaving
I’m sorry-for the missing piece
I’m sorry-for pseudo listening
I’m sorry-for the harsh words
I’m sorry-for the promises I could not fulfill
I’m sorry-for the wasted long journey
I’m sorry-for the shattered bottle of perfume
I’m sorry-for the lost parcel
I’m sorry-for the kinky acts
I’m sorry-for the deep old cuts
I’m sorry-for the hurt and wound
I’m so sorry-for everything that makes you upset but I’m still doing it purposely-
And above all-
I’m so sorry-for making you love me endlessly, for taking your heart-and I never give it back…

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tag Tag Tag Tag ;)

tag oleh Genie [haihh-tak puass hati sungguhhh!]

rules and regulations :
1. Apabila telah terpilih dengan malangnya, silalah menulis 16 perkara paling rawak sama ada tentang fakta, perangai tak senonoh ataupun hala tuju hidup anda.
2. Silalah hasut 16 orang lain untuk melakukan perkara ini.
3. Sila tanda manusia yang telah menanda anda di peringkat awal.
4. Ketahuilah, jika anda terpilih ia adalah kerana anda juga manusia biasa yang perlukan perhatian dan kasih sayang yang secukupnya ketika bayi.........

16 perkara paling rawak tentang saya : skerr pink wpon sy sudah tuaaa [lalalala] skerr beli buku citer banyakkk2-tp sgt malas nak habesskan baca-wohoho sukeee benda chantek2-pantang nampak-tewoss nak beli jerr[wpon tyme tuh xder duett!] skerr tgk citer hantu+seram+horror-smpikan kekadang sy sudah tidak merasa takowtt lagikkss-
5.dulu mase kecik-sy penah beranggapan bahawa sy nehh adalah power ranger pink-
6.suatu ketika dahulu sy pernah berpendapat bahawa pempuan patot kawen 4[haihhh-] skerrr tgk lelaki hensem [who doesn't anyway? ;b] skerr kumpul minyak wangi+pakai banyak2 kat badannnn ;b pandai cakap omputeh secara lancarnyer start sy darjah 2 ;] yayyyy-
10.dulu tyme remajaa-badan sy sgt kuwosss sehinggakan husband sy [bf sy pada ketika itu] panggil sy sebagai 'batang eksrem'-tuhhh sgt kuajaq occayhh- selalu tak wat keje smpaikan owang nek menyampahhh dgn sy ;b [sowieeee] tak pandai masak-langsung!-na'a-yupppp benci jadik gemokkkk-sy sgtt terukkk ;( ader banyak handbag-smpikan almari sy sgtt sempit+penuh malas basuhhh ketaaa ;b nehhh jiwangggg gilerrrr-muahahahaa-o0pssss ;]

yayyy-tamatttt dahhh-

occayhhhh-16 owang laennn yg sgtttt laaaaa 'takkk bertuahnyerrr-

6.cik teeha
7.cik mila
13.lynna shaari pongeh
15.misz fasha
16.nenekkk sayaaa-wahahahaha-dah tatau sape dahhhh ;)

Play Time Is Off!-Time For Working [and be serious]

-semangat gilerrr-occayyhhh!-

Today- is the damn first day of working after a loooonggggg period of hibernation. I’m almost jumped out of my bed when my stupid handphone’s alarm clock wailing it’s ‘I kissed A Girl’ song. It was 6.00 a.m in the morning and nothing could feel any better at that moment than cuddling my hubby warm arms [danggg-]

Drove to school with miscellaneous kind of feelings. Half regret [for being soo0o-so0o0o lazy during my study age I ended up stuck being a government slave] and half enlighten [thinking of the fact the meeting will end at 12pm then I’ll be home and feel free to do whatever I want]hahahaaa-silly me.

The teachers’ meeting is the most stupid thing I’ve ever been to. Full of crack heads talking shits [oo my god- I never realized I’ve started to develop a new skill of swearing]- they assigned peoples to do various things which I personally think is not such a good idea [well- teacher sole business is to teach, right? Not making fun of themselves-doing those unwanted clerical jobs- that’s sounds pretty stupid!] I spent most of the hours sketching on my notebook- gossiping with the new nerd teacher who was unfortunately sitting beside me-‘sms’ing Dell-and the list went on but hearing to those shits [again!!] the fact that MEETING always annoys me will never change.

Then the ‘babbling session’ got carried away- I really hate this. I truly am. Well- there were things that made me happy-I’m on a cloud nine! Yayyy-well-first-I’m not going to teach form 3- I’m stick to the upper form [4 & 5]-I’m no longer in charge of the 4KM2 class anymore [be gone you jerks!]-My name is not much being appointed to be in charged [only for those silly school’s clubs]-and Mrs. Principal was not saying any word due to my ‘disappearance’ during the team building camp. Hahahaa-pretty amazing!

Meeting ended at 1 pm- I’m walking under a hot blazing sun- but I’m smiling. I’m not like all those great teachers who inspire many peoples by only acting like I-know-everything-so-ask-me kind of person-but still, I leave marks on some of my students’ life. No matter whether it’s a good one or the other-they will still remember me as someone in their life. There’s no standard in being a great people. Sometimes- a jerk like me too can change people’s life-the problem is-only few are aware of that. But that will not affect me that much- as I will never stop failing and making myself a laughing stock, cause I always believe- miracle comes in many ways. And one of it- is by God sending someone’s misfit like me-to bring impact to peoples. Believe it or not-it’s a damn hot day-but I’m smiling.

Everyone Is A Beauty Soul ;]-Cheers

I’ve just finished watching ‘Shallow Hal’ movie-starring Jack Black and the dazzling Gwyneth Paltrow. An inspire one-I must say. Well-this is my second time of watching it and I’m still find it as fascinating as ever (regardless the fact that I missed the ending on my first time watching) but hey- this movie has taught me something that I overseen it for almost a quarter of a century. Beauty really lies in the eyes of the beholder. Eyes see what your brain want to see. We are too busy looking at the surface till we been blinded by the inner qualities that a person has.

I’m a cow-victim. I’m paying too much attention to my beauty; I forgot to see what I am really. I’ve never realized that I should be more thankful for what I am now and stop being so paranoid about my body-my face-my everything. Well- I’m not encouraging you guys to neglect your appearance and all- but look at the brighter side- we have our own beauty qualities and we have to make it seen. I’m so evil you see- I am so mean, for god’s sake. I’m such a witch. Yerpp- I have to admit that I act like a jerk sometimes. But still- my husband thinks I’m good at heart [quotation-occayhhh]. I’m neither pretty nor beautiful- not the smartest or the brainiest girl on the earth- but he still thinks I’m the sexier- the voluptuously type of girl- the smartest though weird- and he took my hands for marriage. Cause he sees something in me that is worth to keep.

Well I think- we should change our perception- starts from now on. Try to see the world in a different perception. Look into the brighter shades- and overseen the darker side- then I think, we can make the world is a better place-or more like it.

That’s quite a word, right?

Hahaha ;]

Monday, December 22, 2008

LOVE got me stoned

He gave me a posh laugh- and then he winked at me before he cupped my face with both hands. I tried to reach for his neck but in a slight move-he got away. His shining eyes were staring at my plain-pimple dressed face (owhh- I just hate the fact that I woke up this morning only to find there were zits on my face!yucks!)

This is heaven- I say.

I hugged him tightly and he did the same. There was a warm feeling overwhelming me- a strange feeling once- but now it has been so familiar to me.

It’s a routine for me- I mean the ‘hug’ thing. And it is the loveliest thing I have every morning before I set my eyes wide open-before I start doing other things- before I get through my day- before everything start- he will hug me with love-with care-with all heart. And the very same question I will ask him is;
“Do you love me?”
And I know what his answer would be- but I just love to hear it from his mouth-from his pouty lips and it will echo in my heart like a sweet melody which fascinatingly enlightens my day.
“I love you-"
A simple ‘I love you’ would be enough for me.

He gave me a light kiss upon my forehead before he got up and dressed for work. I watched him with passion and love-as if I’m looking to the most priceless man in the universe. I adore him. I love him. I obsess with him. I’m crazily in love with him. Over and over again.

He smiled-the sweet smile that melts my heart.
“Take care sayang…”
He kissed me then him off to work, leaving me in my dreamland which now has become a reality.

Thanks, hubby.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Sometimes I sit alone in front of the mirror-having a thoughtful look on my eyes-examining where my lips are placed-pinching my nose-and then I burst into a hysteric laugh-as soon as I realized how stupid my action was-then I put everything into silence again.

I don’t understand why some of us just hate they way they look-they change it-they alter it-they do whatever it takes to make them look good. Beautify and changing is a different thing-they don’t share the same meaning. Even five years old could tell that. The desire to be pretty and acceptable-to fit in-that’s the most reason that come across in most women tiny brain-when they were asked.

Hung up and grouped with pretties are back in town. Those who have that owh-you-are-so-crackedface-kind of look are rejected. No place for you-if you are not hot enough to be in the clique. Frankly saying- I pity myself for being pretty [danggg!-] yesss-you should be proud of yourself- look into the brighter side- [here comes Dr.Phillips]

So-that’s what I did- appreciating every line and every pimple I have- always tell myself that I’m pretty than ever-always smile-then I guess- you will be fine just like me. Well- of course there are times where I purposely jump up and down my bed-screaming at the top of my tongue- because of the zit I have on my face-but let’s put it aside.

What’s important is- you love yourself the way you are.

The rest- it will arise from your heart.

The parcel

I’ve received it yesterday- a miscellaneous of feelings come with uncertain emotion-joy, nervous, awaited-it’s all blended into one. I opened it with curiosity surprised to see it’s full of chocs-gifts-cds-cards-tee-plus one extra BIG surprise. I must say- I’m really flattered. Christmas is not meant for Muslim to celebrate it- but I guess- I’ve got my present to0 ;]

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

General Audiences

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Site

gagaga-blog sy sgt seswaiii untuk bacaan umum-muahahaha ;]

Minah Jenin

kejap kang kata nak pursue master...

kang a minute later kata nak quit teaching plakkss...

kang tengok owanggg study balekk-rase besttt plakkksss...

minah jenin...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Go away- ;[

I don’t care if I have to say this twice as much as times I spent on cursing my bad luck [not that I’m not being thankful] but consider the fact I’m getting sick of all these shitloads- I am merely seen as a cracked, occayhh- [doped]


Please take note on this-it’s very much appreciated.

[It’s always occay with me to loose friends who are just a nuisance- and please don’t bother to add me up-again [whether in fs/ facebook/ myspace] or any living source of communication-cause I will not even have a single glance on it.]



Sunday, December 14, 2008


I know that I’m not such a nice person. And save your words cause I know how malicious I can go if I have too. I know my potential of being mean and I’m surely known how rotten I am from the inside. But that’s does not give you any rights to foretell my future nor you have the rights to patch my shattered piece of life-story. What you are legally can do is just-sit there and watches every twist and truth in my life. Don’t interfere because the consequences might be fatal.

Not that I’m not trying- but hell I’m sick of trying. 10 years of sacrifice and 10 years of humiliation. I think I had enough.

I don’t give a damn if his family still rejecting me [because they always do] and I don’t bother to fix it right because I didn’t do anything wrong. If the only reason is just because I’m in love with their son—then in the name of Allah, I don’t want to be right.

I know this road is not easy for me to walk.

Then I’ll make this journey is worth to ride.

The Guilt

Her words are not the words of truthful.
It’s hurting and intimidating at the same time and she chooses to be an ignorant instead of acknowledging the chaotic world she tries to create.

I’m sick of this.
The feeling of remorse and guilt begins to overwhelming me but she just couldn’t understand—or better yet, she chooses to not to understand.

She thinks that she own the world [or—]

No matter what—
I don’t want to be far from the border.

Not anymore.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

11 December 2008

Maybe it didn’t work like we planned. Maybe it’s my fault—or maybe it’s just can’t be. Someone up there forbade this from happening.
He’s my husband and he has the rights upon me. Seduction seems flattering, overwhelming and arousing—but one thing to bear in mind [he is my husband]

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hidup Sepertiga Nafas


kepala sangat sakit--dah 2 hari demam ;) [buat muka kesian]
hby plakkss baru bek demam.cian sgoh kat hby.die kuwoss skett bile tyme saket2 hby sgt cumeylll ms sakettt.. cute gler occayhhh... ;) ms teman hby g hospital untok check darah, sy rase sgt--hoh--it's inexplicable... rase sgtttt wifey nyer tyme ittew... kikiki... ;D

owh--owh...bukan itu yg hendak sy ceritakan pd hari neyhh...
sy mahu bercerita ttg hidup sy lately. too many things happened.and some of them were pretty amusing.but i would like to share one story here. a story about a girl--who lost her life--and keeps on ruining others as well.

ittew ternyata sgt secara peribadi bencikan elemen2 hidup begini.
knp mahu menyusah--bangsatkan hidup org? can you just go and get urself a life??

occayyyhhh--mmg hidup kita tak sama.ada yg senang, ada yg susah--ada yg penuh cabaran--ada plakss yg easy breezy jgn cuba untuk comment hidup orang if YOU sendiri tatau what it feels like to be in one's shoes.

people can always see--but they have no rights to judge.

bak kata seorang bijak pandai;
"hidup ini ibarat sepertiga nafas--dalam setiap hembusan,seberapa banyak pun nafas disedut, bila tiba nafas terakhir,kita akan mati jua..."

Lu fikirlah sendiri...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Gemuk Itu Menyeksa Minda ;(


This is not easy for me to say. It acquires me a lot of internal strength. Hoho~ that’s me being exaggerated. [huhu]
Occayhhh—I’m back to my diet regime. And obviously it’s not a pleasant thing to do. It’s full of suffer and heartache. Forbade yourself from nearing food—not allow to sip a soda [that’s a total mean!!]

But honestly—I’m beginning to loose shape. It’s so ugly—huuuu…

And I’m so0o0o0o0o0o blessed because so many peoples around me keep on motivating me. They help me with my retarded strength and my weary spirit. Alhamdulillah. ;)

This new year—I swear.
I’m going to look slimmer and healthier.

insyaAllah ;)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

kenapa kah....

mood: sedeyyy... [sob...sob...sob...]
harus diketahui oleh semoa sgt susah nak berasa sedeyyyy.ibu kata sy punya hati yg sgt kerasss spt batu,occayhhh..~sy sgt susah mahu menangesss depan org and kalau dah sedeyy tahap gilosss babess barulah air mata emass neyhh akan kuar.[even masa nikah pon--yg ramai owangg kompom kata sy akan menangesss mcm baby tecikkk--tp sy hanya wat2 cool sambil senyum2 simpull--almaklumlah encikk bf tershayanggg akan jd husbanddd--ohohoho]--waaahhh~lari tajuk sudahhh! ;b
hari AMAT sedeyyy sekali. hmmm... kerana sy rasa yg kawannn bek sy seperti menjarakkan hubungan dgn sy... [kenapa ya?]
adakah kerana sy sudah berdua lebeyyy baikkk??[berkahwen]
makanya mereka takmoh berkawan dgn sy yg jelita ini lagiksss??--sy rase sgt confusedddd gilossss... ;(
lately neyhhh mereka senyapppp jerrr... boleh dikira dgn jari berapa kali mereka contact sy selepas sy menikahhh...[kenapakah?sy ada buat salahkah?]
sy sedeyyy occayyyy.... ;(
sy mahu nanesss sambil tekup muka di bantal.[mungkin sy akan kelihatan sedikit comeyllll bila nanes begitu....]

Bengong Itu Beshhhh!!!! ;D

hYePppp!!! ;D
semalam sy sgt tension occayyyy--dahler enset problem+roadtax keta tak dapat2 lagiiikkk!!~GERAMMM! sy dah mcm patah kaki,occayyy!owhhs sungguhh tertekan bangettt!! benciiiiii!!! [wif out FARREL--mcmna nak pg jalan2--owwhhh...]

thennn--untuk menghilangkan rase tak besshhhh ittteww--maka saya pon dgn selambanyer mengajak my cousin yg sgt setia dgn sy iaitu--xaxa--beserta adekkk saya untuk pergi menonton wayang [skema occayhhh].

memula ingat nak citer tgk twilight--tp sy sgt tak bleyyy nak layan citer2 seram dikala moody ini--so we ended up beli tiket untuk citer antoo fighters [my first impression was--duhhh--movie ini pastinya sgt bohsannnnn!]

thennnn kami pon masuk ke dalam panggung and duduk ditempat masing2--

and the movie started--

u know what...?

since movie tuh start...

sampai la habessss...

sy tak benti2 gelak occayhhh!

citer tuh sgt bodoh+bestttt gilerrrrr!!--sy rase mcm pergi planet makhluk ketawa plakssss! serious shit citer antoo fighters neyyh sgt sewellll!!! hail+salutation untuk the director and pelakon2 yg semuanya sewel2... hahahaha... sy rase sgt terhibur--radhi oag sgt cute occayhhh--and lakonan beliau mcm gilossss!!!sy saket pewotttt sesgttt krn asekkk ketawa sajjeee... ;D [by the way--scha alyahya ittewww sgt cute occayyhh ;) ]

rase sgt happyyyyyy plakkss!hilang semua masalahhhh... ;) then atas persetujuan hubby terchentaa--enset bodo N82 sy telah ditukar kepada si gojes N79 occayhhhh... ;) and enset lama ittew telah diperturunkan kpd cuecuq si'pengepau' jalanan.hohoho... ;) yg duka telah menjadi sukerrrr... ;) [cygggg hubbyyyyyy!!!]

inilaaahhh dieeeee... ;)

die bg skin 3 warne--bronze--turquiose--ijauuu ;)
sy sgt happy occayyyhhh... ;) takder lagi kekusutannnn... kikiki ;) yeayyyyyy.....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008



Now, I have to be more strict and more firm.

There’s no place for compromise.

Nope—at all.
See, this is the very sole thing that I’ve been afraid of! Always!

When you sized bigger than you used to be—when you can feel that your tummy is heavier than it is—when everything seems to be so wrong—your jeans couldn’t fit you anymore and the worst—you can’t even fit your lavishly sewed silver-lady Levi’s : there’s only one solid explanation for it: You are getting fatter!


Ever since I got married—I have put on some weight. (It’s not that I wanted it to happen, occay--) so please don’t blame me. It’s just a natural thing, in its natural circle of life. So there’s nothing to fuss about. Women when they are married, they will be a fat lady. Admitted.


The truth is—I hate looking fat.

There’s no such word as FAT-bulous!


Occayyy… I’m going to exorcise this unwanted flabby tummy and thigh occayyyy…
Starting from now and onwards.

No more junk foods—no more extra cheese—no more sodas—only healthy food…

[yeah right….]

Monday, December 1, 2008


saya tahu hubby hampa...
tapi hubby senyum jerr...
hubby sorok rasa kecewa jauh2 dalam hati...
kalaulah bby boleh gantikan tempat hubby...
telan bulat2 semua kehampaan itu...
bby sanggup....
maha suci Allah...
DIA telah mengurniakan hubby
untuk bby...
saya tahu hubby hampa...
tapi hubby senyum jerr....