Sunday, December 28, 2008

Empty Can Do The Talkin'

-otw nak pg tengok YES Man-bestttt ;)

I’ve never saw him laughing hysterically like that since god-knows-when I thought I would never ever see it again. It’s a serene feeling and without realizing it, I smiled a little. A blast feeling of joy and tranquility.

In a dark room [lit only by the light appear from the screen] I can see his face clearly with a big smile drawn on it. He seemed enjoying the movie so much. I took a deep breath and sighed. I’m so in love with this guy. With his flaws and weaknesses, with his clumsiness-with everything he has that makes him a special man. I’m so into him-if you can tell. He is my victorious. I’ve won him and I will always do.

I squeezed his left arm so tight and he gave me a meaningful look-the look that always melts my heart.
“Is everything alright,hon?”
I nodded and he continued gluing his eyes on the screen.
-sy sgtttt cintakan die-wuuu jiwangsss ;)

For God sake- I think-seriously and sincerely I don’t deserve in my life. Give me a thousand years too- you will find me not good enough to be his spouse. I’m telling you-I’m not good enough for him. He deserves someone’s prettier-smarter-and way better than me. I always wandering- WHY GOD give him to me? WHY-and I’m afraid to hear the answer I rather let it unknown-and t stays that way.

Give me strength-
Give me strength to face the life-to face the cruel nasty life-
Give me strength-
To keep my destiny, to your heaven…


Mrs.Qarlista said...

semogee bahgiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

Cik Puan Bunga said...


tq nadddd ;)