Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Everyone Is A Beauty Soul ;]-Cheers

I’ve just finished watching ‘Shallow Hal’ movie-starring Jack Black and the dazzling Gwyneth Paltrow. An inspire one-I must say. Well-this is my second time of watching it and I’m still find it as fascinating as ever (regardless the fact that I missed the ending on my first time watching) but hey- this movie has taught me something that I overseen it for almost a quarter of a century. Beauty really lies in the eyes of the beholder. Eyes see what your brain want to see. We are too busy looking at the surface till we been blinded by the inner qualities that a person has.

I’m a cow-victim. I’m paying too much attention to my beauty; I forgot to see what I am really. I’ve never realized that I should be more thankful for what I am now and stop being so paranoid about my body-my face-my everything. Well- I’m not encouraging you guys to neglect your appearance and all- but look at the brighter side- we have our own beauty qualities and we have to make it seen. I’m so evil you see- I am so mean, for god’s sake. I’m such a witch. Yerpp- I have to admit that I act like a jerk sometimes. But still- my husband thinks I’m good at heart [quotation-occayhhh]. I’m neither pretty nor beautiful- not the smartest or the brainiest girl on the earth- but he still thinks I’m the sexier- the voluptuously type of girl- the smartest though weird- and he took my hands for marriage. Cause he sees something in me that is worth to keep.

Well I think- we should change our perception- starts from now on. Try to see the world in a different perception. Look into the brighter shades- and overseen the darker side- then I think, we can make the world is a better place-or more like it.

That’s quite a word, right?

Hahaha ;]


Missfasha said...

this movie remind me of myself,,ahaks!!

Anonymous said...

y????which parttt?tell me-tell me moreeee!