Tuesday, December 2, 2008



Now, I have to be more strict and more firm.

There’s no place for compromise.

Nope—at all.
See, this is the very sole thing that I’ve been afraid of! Always!

When you sized bigger than you used to be—when you can feel that your tummy is heavier than it is—when everything seems to be so wrong—your jeans couldn’t fit you anymore and the worst—you can’t even fit your lavishly sewed silver-lady Levi’s : there’s only one solid explanation for it: You are getting fatter!


Ever since I got married—I have put on some weight. (It’s not that I wanted it to happen, occay--) so please don’t blame me. It’s just a natural thing, in its natural circle of life. So there’s nothing to fuss about. Women when they are married, they will be a fat lady. Admitted.


The truth is—I hate looking fat.

There’s no such word as FAT-bulous!


Occayyy… I’m going to exorcise this unwanted flabby tummy and thigh occayyyy…
Starting from now and onwards.

No more junk foods—no more extra cheese—no more sodas—only healthy food…

[yeah right….]

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