Sunday, December 28, 2008


I met this girl today at Batu Pahat Mall- it wasn’t a planned date-or anything like it- it more to bump-on-meet kind of thing.
It’s hilarious.
I mean- can you imagine?
In a crowded shopping mall- full of peoples-out of nowhere, suddenly you’ve been called by name that you are not entitled to. Occayhh- In virtual world- I go by the name BUNGA-but the truth is- it’s not my real name-and I believe that you guys are aware of that,right?
So-the moment you heard someone called you “BUNGA” it was like-danggg!!

Hahaha- and there she was- pretty and gorgeous-looking as always, this hot girl-ajja.
We shook hand and have a little chat before we parted. Well- it was a short meeting but it gives me a lot to remember.

Somehow- it’s really funny when we seriously think we have bunch of friends- but how many are really there when we need them? How many are really care for you? And how many are really sincere sharing your ups and downs?so- meeting a stranger like her and at the same time sharing this unseen connection-connected by a net- I think that’s the most magical thing that I couldn’t describe.

And thanxs to eyza-my sweet lil’buddy. For the sacrifice- for the friendship-for the understanding.


p/s: terima kaseh kerana telah bersusah payah untuk saya..
terharu giler2.. tau tau tau..
hope this friendship will lasted forever

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