Friday, December 19, 2008


Sometimes I sit alone in front of the mirror-having a thoughtful look on my eyes-examining where my lips are placed-pinching my nose-and then I burst into a hysteric laugh-as soon as I realized how stupid my action was-then I put everything into silence again.

I don’t understand why some of us just hate they way they look-they change it-they alter it-they do whatever it takes to make them look good. Beautify and changing is a different thing-they don’t share the same meaning. Even five years old could tell that. The desire to be pretty and acceptable-to fit in-that’s the most reason that come across in most women tiny brain-when they were asked.

Hung up and grouped with pretties are back in town. Those who have that owh-you-are-so-crackedface-kind of look are rejected. No place for you-if you are not hot enough to be in the clique. Frankly saying- I pity myself for being pretty [danggg!-] yesss-you should be proud of yourself- look into the brighter side- [here comes Dr.Phillips]

So-that’s what I did- appreciating every line and every pimple I have- always tell myself that I’m pretty than ever-always smile-then I guess- you will be fine just like me. Well- of course there are times where I purposely jump up and down my bed-screaming at the top of my tongue- because of the zit I have on my face-but let’s put it aside.

What’s important is- you love yourself the way you are.

The rest- it will arise from your heart.

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