Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Play Time Is Off!-Time For Working [and be serious]

-semangat gilerrr-occayyhhh!-

Today- is the damn first day of working after a loooonggggg period of hibernation. I’m almost jumped out of my bed when my stupid handphone’s alarm clock wailing it’s ‘I kissed A Girl’ song. It was 6.00 a.m in the morning and nothing could feel any better at that moment than cuddling my hubby warm arms [danggg-]

Drove to school with miscellaneous kind of feelings. Half regret [for being soo0o-so0o0o lazy during my study age I ended up stuck being a government slave] and half enlighten [thinking of the fact the meeting will end at 12pm then I’ll be home and feel free to do whatever I want]hahahaaa-silly me.

The teachers’ meeting is the most stupid thing I’ve ever been to. Full of crack heads talking shits [oo my god- I never realized I’ve started to develop a new skill of swearing]- they assigned peoples to do various things which I personally think is not such a good idea [well- teacher sole business is to teach, right? Not making fun of themselves-doing those unwanted clerical jobs- that’s sounds pretty stupid!] I spent most of the hours sketching on my notebook- gossiping with the new nerd teacher who was unfortunately sitting beside me-‘sms’ing Dell-and the list went on but hearing to those shits [again!!] the fact that MEETING always annoys me will never change.

Then the ‘babbling session’ got carried away- I really hate this. I truly am. Well- there were things that made me happy-I’m on a cloud nine! Yayyy-well-first-I’m not going to teach form 3- I’m stick to the upper form [4 & 5]-I’m no longer in charge of the 4KM2 class anymore [be gone you jerks!]-My name is not much being appointed to be in charged [only for those silly school’s clubs]-and Mrs. Principal was not saying any word due to my ‘disappearance’ during the team building camp. Hahahaa-pretty amazing!

Meeting ended at 1 pm- I’m walking under a hot blazing sun- but I’m smiling. I’m not like all those great teachers who inspire many peoples by only acting like I-know-everything-so-ask-me kind of person-but still, I leave marks on some of my students’ life. No matter whether it’s a good one or the other-they will still remember me as someone in their life. There’s no standard in being a great people. Sometimes- a jerk like me too can change people’s life-the problem is-only few are aware of that. But that will not affect me that much- as I will never stop failing and making myself a laughing stock, cause I always believe- miracle comes in many ways. And one of it- is by God sending someone’s misfit like me-to bring impact to peoples. Believe it or not-it’s a damn hot day-but I’m smiling.


Missfasha said...

u gonna be alright dear.
be ur self..i support u.

Anonymous said...

yayyyyy-got a supporter alreadyyyy- thanxs gal ;]