Sunday, December 14, 2008


I know that I’m not such a nice person. And save your words cause I know how malicious I can go if I have too. I know my potential of being mean and I’m surely known how rotten I am from the inside. But that’s does not give you any rights to foretell my future nor you have the rights to patch my shattered piece of life-story. What you are legally can do is just-sit there and watches every twist and truth in my life. Don’t interfere because the consequences might be fatal.

Not that I’m not trying- but hell I’m sick of trying. 10 years of sacrifice and 10 years of humiliation. I think I had enough.

I don’t give a damn if his family still rejecting me [because they always do] and I don’t bother to fix it right because I didn’t do anything wrong. If the only reason is just because I’m in love with their son—then in the name of Allah, I don’t want to be right.

I know this road is not easy for me to walk.

Then I’ll make this journey is worth to ride.

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