Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't Read |you'll get hurt|

-A damsel in distress-

So I know you love to show off and so I learn that you lives upon others flattering compliment. So fancy things will delight you although some of it are taken harshly from others, so you want others to go ‘gaga’ with your so called ‘perfect-life’-so you crave for attention from others-so you can’t accept the fate that you are just a human-a mortal that can be evacuated or yet eliminated from this life’s drama as easy peasy as counting 1,2,3- so you hate the most when others are happy but you-so you brag about your colored wretched misbehaves- so you never learn that courtesy is beyond limitation-so you wander why God has given you your life-so you think that you will have almost anything in this world-so you think you are way too good to outsmart the halfwits-

And so…

You will never learn that you are so wrong…

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