Sunday, January 18, 2009

| no matter what |

I don’t care if you have no Merc or BMW [or at least the shitty Swift] in your possession. Nor I would give a damn if by god’s grace you have no big-majestic mansion to be called home- I will ask no more if your paycheck would be less than mine, I will not whine if you happen to save your penny than spend it on my clothes- I will be sincerely grateful as long as I have you in my life.

When I see you sleeping peacefully every night with your eyes close shut- I know that somehow God has actually given me the world. I see how snug you’re resting beside me-it’s a feeling that I can’t describe. You are my heaven- and as God have spoken- if god could ask a person to hail upon other soul-it would be a wife to hail for her husband. Oh The Mighty God- you made him so special to be my companion, to be my eyes, to be my guidance.

There’s nothing I could be ashamed of.
I’m with you-and that’s matter.
I know you will always look after me-and I will look after you too.

I don’t care if you are not filthy rich- cause your love has always make me the most richest woman in the planet of earth.

p/s: I love you ;)


Anonymous said...

sronoknye khdpn akak..
hrp2 1 hr nnt sue dpt rs kebhgn neh jugak..
xsaba nyeee ;p

Cik Puan Bunga said...

insyaallah dearrrr... ;)
x lame lagiii la tuuu-
tauu dahhhhh ;)
akak doakan selalu yeeee ;)

faris said...

akak mmg best!!!

Cik Puan Bunga said...

hoho-malu ahhh ;)

tak pnh kena puji nehhh-

gagagaga ;D