Thursday, February 19, 2009

Your Birthday Wish

For The Sake Of the Faker.

Please go away from my life coz I’m fucking sick of seeing your annoying face and your oh-so-gedik attitude. I don’t care if you walk away from my life because the fact is :: You Never Stay:: (and you’re not most welcomed too)

You come and you go like you own the world-you’re bragging about your so called perfect life-girl, you just make me literally puke occayh.

Today is your birthday.

I tried to make it memorable for you- but you’re just fucking cowshit not deserve it!

May you learn your lesson.

May you learn your lesson.

May your effing life will teach you your lesson.


suezen said...

wah....sounds so angry....huhu

Cik Puan Bunga said...

yup yup-rase cam nak bunuh orang