Monday, March 16, 2009

I Want To Be Nice!


I’m not nice!

I want to be nice! I mean, real nice. Not just sugarcoating my bad bad behaviour, but a real, solid niceness.
I’ve tried. Yeah, I’ve tried to be nice and modest and all, but (sighs) I ended up frustrated with the results. My friends said I have this air of hatred and avenge all over me. Quite a bad aura, they said. At first I thought they’ve just wanted to annoy me but later on, to my freaking astonishment, I’ve started to believe it though.

I’m not a jerk, I’m just not nice. Not nice here means I’m not that type of girl (errr… does it suits me n’more??) that will shower you with smile the very first time we met (this will always be considered as a must-have-criteria-so-people-will-call-you-a-nice-girl, anyway-tettt! I don’t have this!), and I will NOT purposely asking people to share seats with me (I’m very much care with personal hygiene-so shooo bacteria!) , I’m not even an animal lover except for my crippled cat and I don’t have a long list of friends except for those who has known me since like…forever?(count in Naddy, Andak, Aloi etc…)

And I’m really tired of peoples who somehow misjudge me for my appearance. Yeah, I have this arrogant, owh-so-vain kind of look, but I’m not a child molester for god’s sake! So don’t treat me like I’m a super kinky!

So I want to be nice.

Nice and modest.

p/s: owhh my radin...i pity you...

p/ps:i pity myself mOre...


Anonymous said...

Hehe, I'm not nice too.
My mom told me I have a mouthful of laser beams. It's true

Cik Puan Bunga said...

but you r so ironic from ur appearance dear!


at the outside,you are sssooooooo nice and good,like a girl-next-door!

well-what to do?

it's like a curse!