Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The case happens to be so overwhelming, now it has become the most talk about topic in the teacher’s room. Everyone is starting to know what is right and what is wrong, everyone has now open their eyes widely and even worst, some of them begin to be a so called unpaid reporter.


That would be my headline if I’m given a chance to write about it. Starting with the picture of those two love birds making scene, followed by a caption: Does this look like a nice thing to see??

Maybe I will add some background information about them, something that will trigger the mood of the reader. Hurm, perhaps-about the abandoned wife? Sounds good?

I can’t stand this anymore. Maybe I will go crazy and say things about them personally. Maybe I will start to spit on their faces. Or maybe I will literally hit them for real? I am over reacting-because I HATE AN AFFAIR!

You are married. And you are a maiden.

You can’t be together because you will hurt someone else’s feeling.

Don’t you listen to their words? Don’t you know that you make us feel so terrible?

Eff you both.


suezen said...

affair.....scandal...its ruin my life..

Cik Puan Bunga said...

dats y i hate it like hell!

i Dont like it-fOr sure!

seriOus shit-mereka itu effing cowshit!

tasuke tasukeeee!!

owh im so sorry dear ;(

may you will stand on your feet again ;)