Sunday, March 22, 2009

World Of Their Own

So my husband burst outside like a small kid, hurrying me to grab my dslr and we both headed to a small rambutan tree in front of our yard, where he suddenly gasped and pointed at one part of the tree.

At first I didn’t know what he was pointing at, but later to my astonishment I saw a small beak, yellowish I guess, peeked from a hole of a really tiny nest. It’s a bird (which to my own shame, I didn’t know the name of the bird)

So without trying to scare the birds (there are two of them altogether), I snapped pictures of them. Owh did I tell you that they are so pure and angelic? Yes, they are. There, in their small nest, it’s a big comfy home for them actually. Waiting for their mom to come home and bring something to eat, I guess they have already learned how to take care of each other, get each other back. They will wait patiently until they hear a chirping sound of their mom, eat what she has got and fly away again to search for another meal for later.

I took a deep breath and sighed hopelessly. They have no idea what kind of world they are actually living in. our world, which each time passes, we try to demolish it by our mean and heartless act, where as for the birdies, they leave peacefully, contented with what they have and seek not more than what they need.

Shame on us.

see what i mean?


Anna R. said...

aaaaa cumil.mesti tengah lapa tu kan.

Cik Puan Bunga said...

mereka tuh sgt tecikkkkk!
size ibu jari-kecik lagi dari ibu jari...


yup yup-tak lama pas tuh si mama dtg bawak ulat-yumyum ;p

Aku said...

hmm, burung ape tu ek? burung murai tu ke?

Cik Puan Bunga said...

tidak tidak...

itulah si hummingbird ;)

errr...burung kelicap... [kot tak salah dlm bhs melayu ] ;p